Loretta Zedella has been teaching yoga for 18 years and practicing for 35 years. She loves sharing yoga with people of all ages and her passion is in sharing practical strategies to help people feel better while on the job whether at the office or at home. We’ll ease tension from our typing shoulders and sitting hips. What better place to restore than outdoors in the mountains? Our body craves movement and our minds crave stillness. Let Loretta share how these are possible while also sharing a few laughs. As Covid restrictions lift we can also work with therapy balls as Loretta is a certified Yoga Tune Up teacher often using small rubber balls to roll tension out of tense shoulders. 
Loretta Zedella also offers Butterfly Flight. Kids enjoy these half hour sessions moving in fun butterfly wings. This 30 minute class helps kids to explore their own movement while exploring these beautiful grounds! Class ends with a short book about butterfly transformation. *This is also available as a longer party format with butterfly crafts and snacks celebrating our beautiful pollinators. 


After 18 year of teaching yoga in Marin County, California, Barbara arrived in Asheville to hike, be with family, and share her passion for creating community around yoga and music.
A native of Alabama, she moved to the Bay Area after joining the Coast Guard following her degree in Communications at Auburn university.  She has studied with many over the years including David Swenson, Ana Forrest, Rod Stryker, Shiva Rea, and Clayton Horton.  Currently, draws her inspirations from her years of private study with master arm balance and circus trainer Master Lu Yi.  The past few years she has spent much of her time in women’s studies and facilitating women’s circles both at home and online.  Her current teacher being Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes, a senior Jungian Analyst and storyteller and the author of Women Who Run With The Wolves. 
Barbara is as passionate about her practice as she is about her teaching and you can often find her at the gym or in nature dancing, moving, meditating, or practicing her handstands.  She loves to share and is always happy to share and teach anytime, anywhere.
She teaches an inspiring , heart driven class for music lovers of every age.  Everyone is welcome and invited to find their personal edge and to just show up as themselves in the moment.  All else follows!  She believes the practice begins with taking the time to pause and slow down the mental chatter, to feel the rhythm  of the body and reconnect to it’s beautiful, organic dance.   When not teaching yoga you can find Barbara with her side kick pup on the trails, hanging with her fam…or at a music festival!!